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Your inbox is filled with SPAM! And when you try to opt-out of email marketing messages it seems like more flow in! The CAN-SPAM Act does not work and the spam keeps coming. Sign up now and start receiving email from only those you trust. Now that's progress!

"The average person receives about two dozen unwanted emails every day"

"88% hate or severely dislike unwanted emails"

"68% believe that unwanted email is a huge waste time"

How It Works

1) Use with your existing Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, or AOL email address.

2) Import your trusted list.

3) Messages from people you trust continue to go directly into your inbox. All others get an email to verify their message before it will be delivered to your inbox.

4) Unverified messages are held in your wait list awaiting your approval.
Critical email messages end up in your spam folder. The emails that you do want get lost in the shuffle and those that you don't want still get through. Even the best spam blockers get fooled. Why can't the good stuff rise to the top? Will now it can. Sign up now and start receiving email from only those that you trust.
"Users Of Yahoo Targeted By Phishing Email Campaign"
SPAMfighter News

"Just 1 Out Of Every 7 Emails The Pentagon Gets Is Legit"
Defense One

"Spam Emails Frequently Infiltrate Student Accounts"
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